Plum Science, based in Hokkaido, Japan, develops, manufactures and supplies innovative lighting technology for both the home and the workplace. Combining sleek design with the science of light-wave guiding, we usher in a new range of lighting products. desk light provides a broad illumination area with enhanced uniformity of brightness.

Our ornamental light makes use of light-scattering technology to produce a pattern of bright snowflakes.

Do let us know if you have some questions or particular custom requirements, and we will be happy to interact with you. Please use the contact page, and we will get back to you promptly.

Plum Science was founded in April 2013 by Oliver Wright, who, since 1996, has been a professor in Engineering, Hokkaido University, and, since 2022, at Osaka University.

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Our products ship from Germany, except for orders from Switzerland and Liechtenstein in which case they ship from Switzerland.

Company Information

Company name Plum Science Co., Ltd.
Address Plum Science Co., Ltd. (European Service Centre)
Via A. Bertoloni 1/E - Pal B
00197 Roma, Italy
Tel. +39 06 45426360
Fax +39 06 45426092
Established April 24, 2013
Main focus Design, development, manufacture and sales of lighting systems.
CEO Mieko Wright
Founder Oliver Wright
Japan headquarters Plum Science Co., Ltd., Haruno Bldg. 3F, 1-323, Minami 1, Nishi 16, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0061, Hokkaido, Japan
Telephone: 011-557-8770 (for Japanese speakers)
Fax: 011-558-0900

Message from the CEO

With science aiding design, Plum Science was established to make elegant lighting systems for both the home and office. Glowide, our innovative desk light that puts illumination only where it is needed, is a prime example.

Since our products are assembled one by one by Plum Science in Japan, we are happy to tailor them to your needs.

Mieko Wright
August 15, 2016