From inspiration to science.

Guiding light inside transparent fibres underpins optical communication technology. Using the same physical principles, Glowide guides light from 21 high-brightness LEDs mounted in an aluminium base through a curved acrylic plate, minimizing light leakage and dazzle, in order to illuminate your work space optimally and with enhanced uniformity. Glowide is design-patented in 35 countries.
Mimicking the science of Helmholtz coils* invented by Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894), two beams of light overlap to produce a uniform illumination area.

*Helmholtz coils: two electrical coils spaced optimally to create a magnetic field of enhanced uniformity.
The tip of the acrylic plate, bevelled with two edges of different sizes, exploits the fact that the light bunches on the outside of the curve as it rounds the bend. The bottom edge is designed to be larger than the top edge to ensure a more uniform illumination of the desk surface.
The angle between the two edges of the tip has been optimized by computer simulation and analytical calculation to achieve the most uniform intensity distribution.