Privacy policy


Plum Science Co., Ltd. is committed to making your online shopping easy and safe in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), which is a directive to strengthen data protection in Europe. You can rest assured that we take the safety of your digital information very seriously and this Privacy Policy will describe in detail the steps we take to ensure this.

We will only process information from you that will assist your shopping experience and allow us to fulfil any orders that you place with us.

We will always aim to give you the information you need in clear simple language wherever possible.

We never hide information in technical jargon or verbose prose, or in long over-complicated lists.

We never send direct mail neither do we enrol subscribers to our monthly newsletter automatically. We want you to opt in and enjoy only content that you find useful and relevant. Our newsletter conveys only product or sale notifications and other relevant content via email.

If you opt in to our newsletter and no longer find the information valuable, you can easily opt out through the unsubscribe button at the bottom of such newsletters.

Apart from trusted third parties, as described in full below, your information will remain strictly within our company: Plum Science Co., Japan, our European Service Centre in Rome, Italy, or our European Distribution Centres in Kiel, Germany or Remetschwil, Switzerland.

Our data protection policy ensures that we comply with the GDPR, effective May 25, 2018.

We believe that we should always be clear about the data we collect and tell you why we use it and who it is shared with.


When you are online, irrespective of the device, you may be revealing information about yourself and your online activity. The GDPR ensures that you have more information over how your data is being used.

Any website collecting and storing your information should be doing this for the bona fide reasons, i.e. in our case for the purposes of selling you our products and enhancing your shopping experience.

Our https secure site connects to a payment site which also has padlock and security certificates. This demonstrates that we take care of your online security by using the most secure levels of SSL security that encrypts data and authenticates the server. This means that all your information, most importantly your banking and credit card details, are secure when using our payment site. Plum Science Co., Ltd.does not have access to your credit card details apart from the brand name.

We will never pass any information to third-party marketing companies and will never sell any of your information. If you pass us information we will treat it as confidential. Our aim is to provide excellent products and service, and this includes protecting your digital information.


We will only record (or ask you for) information we need to fulfil your orders or improve your shopping experience.

We limit the data we ask you for, the data we retain, and the time we store it for in line with the policy explained below in the section entitled Communication and Data Retention.

If we contact you, it will only be for a genuine reason, e.g. if you make a purchase or if you have subscribed to our newsletter.

We have robust procedures to limit the opportunity for any data breach and procedures for notification and reporting such breaches, should they happen.

In the unlikely event of a data breach, if your details were compromised we will inform you promptly along with relevant authorities as appropriate, explaining what happened and what is needed to resolve the issue.

We only partner service providers for our website that protect your data to exacting standards.

When you place your order, we will need to take some personal data in order to process and deliver your items to you. We will need

Your name and title
Delivery address and, in some cases, billing address, including postcodes
Payment method
Contact phone number and email address
Payment details, often via external payment providers, that you will enter on their secure pages

Whilst on the site, product related information is collected that makes your shopping experience more tailored to your requirements. This is done by computer programs that are referred to as codes. We only select to use those codes that benefit our customers. An example of the use of codes is in the case in which we will record what product you reserved in your online shopping form, such information then being saved for you for when you return if you are too busy to check out immediately.


We will contact you if a product must be recalled. This is extremely rare, but for safety reasons we feel it is reasonable to expect to be contacted should there be a safety implication.

If you opt to subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive this on an approximately monthly basis. You will also receive an email to confirm that you wish to receive this information. Opting out only requires you to click on the unsubscribe button and to confirm that you no longer wish to receive the newsletter.


Payment Gateways

When you place your order with us, we offer two payment gateways. These are secure third-party services that process payments. The payment gateways PayPal and Stripe that are used on our site are internationally trusted and secure. For full terms and conditions from our chosen payment gateways, see here: or Please note that no payment details are stored or viewed by us except, in the case of Stripe payments only, the last four digits of the credit card and the card brand.


We will only ever collect or share information that is required to fulfil your order. To enable us to deliver an item to you, we will be required to pass necessary information to our parcel courier DHL. We have vetted this delivery partner to ensure that they also protect your information.

In order to deliver your goods, we need to convey your name and delivery address to this courier. For an enhanced service that allows the possibility of the courier to inform you when to expect your delivery, we also convey your phone number. This allows courier drivers to call you if there is an issue with the delivery, and it also allows the possibility for you to reschedule the delivery directly with the courier.

This is the link to our courier and their privacy policies:

This courier may transfer the above information to their trusted partner parcel services in the country of final delivery. More information is available on


Our monthly newsletter is sent via the secure marketing automation platform MailChimp. This platform only has access to the name (if submitted) and email information that you provided on the opt-in form. Information about the MailChimp privacy policy can be found here:


If we need to discuss an order you have placed with us, we will invariably use email to do this. Our email system is companywide and provided by Sakura Internet, Japan. You may view their data protection policies here

This system allows us to answer inbound queries quickly by sharing enquiries between our trained customer service representatives. This system keeps a record of written email conversations in the event you should have any special requests for your order or require specific information before placing orders. This email system is accessed via secure networks, and only our staff see this information for the purposes of dealing with your enquiry.

When you place an order through our website, Plum Science Co., Ltd.will retain your data for up to six years after the date of your final order.

When you contact us with a private message via a contact form, email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Plum Science Co., Ltd.will retain your data for as long as is required to process the question or request, and up to a maximum of six months after the final contact date in order to be able to process any follow-up questions.

If you opt out of our newsletter, all personal information that you provided in connection with the delivery of this newsletter will be deleted within a maximum of six months after the date of opting out.


We make use of the following analytical cookies in order to track how visitors use our web shop:

Google Analytics
Facebook Analytics

Our website places the following tracking cookies in order to show personalised advertisements:

Facebook Custom Audience
Google Adwords Conversion
Google Dynamic Remarketing

In order to learn more about the parties that place these cookies and the purpose of the cookies, we recommend that you read the privacy statements of these parties.


We also collect non-personally identifiable information (for example, IP address, domain server, type of computer, type of web browser, and addresses of referring site, also known as traffic data) from you when you visit our web site or choose to provide non-personally identifiable information on this web site, or via participation in our newsletter. This is subject to the same data storage conditions as explained in the section entitled Communication and Data Retention above.

Plum Science Co., Ltd.will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. Plum Science Co., Ltd.may only share your information if required to comply with a law, regulation, court order or legal process beyond our control, and if allowed by law you would be informed of this happening.

Our web site is not targeted to persons under the age of 16, and we will not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from persons under age 16 without prior parental consent. Barring knowledge to the contrary, we will presume that all personally identifiable information collected by our web site is from persons aged 16 and over.


We periodically review our Privacy Statement to ensure that it offers you the best level of protection.

Should you ever need to request information on the data that we have on record, in the first instance please write to

The GDPR Officer
Plum Science Co., Ltd. (European Service Centre)
Via A. Bertoloni 1/E - Pal B
00197 Roma, Italy
or send an email through our contact page


Should you have any reason to complain to us regarding the use of your data, we will supply all data as requested within one calendar month. In the unlikely event that you are not wholly satisfied with our reply, you may write to the Information Commissioner in your country: or