Interior stand light

 Made in Japan 
Snowflake is a new decorative stand light from Japan with a falling-snow motif. It is based on light-scattering in a clear acrylic waveguide plate which makes the snowflakes glow brightly. Snowflake brings an enchanting snowscape to your chosen space.

Cooling accent.

Cool down with Snowflake during the hot summer months and add a seasonal touch during the winter.


Snowflake is designed with 21 quality Nichia Corporation high-brightness LEDs inside an aluminium base, consuming only up to 6 W of power controlled by a 3-position dimmer button. Being equipped with an in-line cord switch, Snowflake avoids standby power loss.

2 year guarantee.

Snowflake comes with a 2-year guarantee on manufacture and operation. The Nichia LEDs stay bright and maintain colour for up to 60,000 hours* thanks to efficient cooling through the aluminium base. Snowflake is built to last.

Your aluminium base is available in: milky white (satin finish)